Combining parametrically modelled Digital Twins of cities with Blockchain technology to unlock value and the next growth horizons.

Award-Winning Software for Sustainable Built Environments

By the year 2050 The world population is expected to reach 9.6 billion. 6.4 billion (66%) will be living in urban areas. This is all good news if only the cities around the world are able to not only absorb the population growth but also flourish economically while achieving and maintaining environmental and social sustainability. Unfortunately that is not the truth and data suggests that if things remain as  business as usual, by the year 2050, two thirds of urban population could be living in slum like conditions.  

 Urbanetic has categorized the challenges that it wants to address, into three distinct opportunities and problems of significant scale and magnitude 

  1. The urban sustainability and sub-optimal performance of the built environment.

  2. The trapped liquidity associated with real estate assets.   

  3. Limited access to investment and financing options available in real estate. 



Software for
sustainable cities planning
A highly scalable repository of urban data and associated services to build parametrically modelled Digital Twin of cities, enabling any city to be explored, analysed and visualised the same way on the web - with impactful "triple bottom-line" and ESG outcomes.


Software for unlocking the trapped liquidity in real estate
A digital platform that enables digitized real world features of the built environment to be owned and traded globally as fractionalized assets in the form of digital securities - opening up new access to investing and fund raising in real estate and urban infrastructure. 


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