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for energy efficient carbon neutral critical infrastructure

The most innovative digitalization solution for critical infrastructure

InfraFab is a data-driven, all-in-one platform to monitor and manage asset performance – combining its own digital twinning, IIoT, edge control, cloud-based data propagation, analytics, data and business intelligence and interactive 3D visualization – All this, to reduce cost of operations, reduce capital expenditure, improve asset performance and reduce overall carbon footprint  .


  • City administrators

  • Property owners

  • Infrastructure owners and operators  telecommunications; utilities; construction


  • Asset planning

  • Asset monitoring

  • Asset tracking

  • Asset performance management


All-in-one SaaS platform with single unified data view for telco towers and infrastructure - Making asset lifecycle management much easier

  A single point of truth database of the network and tower infrastructure provides tower and network operators an integrated view of both assets and operations performance – combining which, both can reduce their asset-related costs      

A single app, built for the ecosystem where each user has his/her own area of access and control. Data is constantly updated and is channeled to each ecosystem subscriber for specific information as needed. Supported information systems are - remote management, operations management, Business intelligence, asset tracking and utilities management.  One unique feature is propagation simulation using the apps' parametric modelling based scenario simulation function. Changing element level parameters would projects in 3D coverage, capacity and cost for a given scenario. This can be used to reduce or optimise assets for both tower and network operators. 


Integrating digital twins and IoT based asset monitoring and control   systems on the web, in a single unified data model.  

The most useful Digital Twin of an asset is one that connects the physical with the virtual at real time. Urbanetic InfraFab not only does that but it also does that at the fastest and cheapest way than any other. The plug and play feature allows commissioning at up to 600 sites a month and offers subscription payment instead of capital expenditure -  Helping operators connect multiple thousands of their unconnected cell sites connect, to explore, analyze and visualize performance.


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