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Urban population growth over the next 30 years will create demand for new city nodes, regeneration of existing cities and hundreds of millions of new buildings.

The new Built Environment need to be built with high performance infrastructure but with far less time and cost  and consume far fewer natural resources and far less energy than today’s designs.

In order to achieve this goal, we need to “scale architecture” by democratizing  data, knowledge and tools of design.

To fulfil our mission and achieve our goals, we, at Urbanetic are building a highly talented software engineering team to support and complement our existing small team of senior software engineers who have been instrumental in design and development of the flagship product, “Fabric” -  A web based  parametric digital master planning tool to model, explore, analyse and visualize cities and infrastructure in 6D, using disparate sources of available data in public and private domains and  applying design logic on them.

Senior Software Engineer

Software development at Urbanetic is a collaborative effort between the product and design teams. We work on small agile teams that take ownership of design, implementation, support, and growth. We value good engineer practices such as design documentation, unit testing, continuous integration, and code reviews. We use, support, and contribute to open source software.


Job Description:

The position is responsible to build and manage a software development team for 3D systems / real world assets; real-estate and financial assets exchange. The position  reports to VP Engineering and offers excellent remuneration package for the right candidate

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 6+ years’ experience in a world-class software engineering organization.

  • Developed, deployed, and supported complex web services.

  • Experience in developing 3D and/or GIS systems.

  • Experience in API level integration with external systems - IoT , Blockchain, visualization systems, databases.

  • Experience with BigData analytics; Machine Learning application development

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience managing development infrastructure – AWS and/or Azure

  • Have designed and developed microservices and is an experienced API level integration.

  • Expert-level in JavaScript, Meteor, Node.js, three.js and React

  • Expert level in MongoDB,

  • Expertise in at least one of the following areas: web, mobile, data stores, distributed systems, or algorithms. Experience in AEC industry will be an addvantage.

  • BS or MS in computer science.


Share your personal mission, experiences, your CV, including links to past projects, with a cover letter on why would you like to be at this position us at

3D Geospatial Software Engineer

Responsible for developing webGL 3D GIS visualization systems and software for cities and infrastructure ; Develop software automation tools for uploading spatial and attribute data sets for visualisation in Urbanetic's 3D Geospatial planning tool , ‘Fabric’.


The position reports to the Lead Software Engineer and works closely with frontend, full-stack, 3D web and GIS data processing developers.



  • 4+ years of experience in developing 3D GIS software products; 

  • Expert level in scripting language and  procedural modelling - node.js, three.js;

  • Proficient at working with a range of 2D/3D data formats used in the industry;

  • Extensive experience on GIS software such as ESRI ArcGIS Server, QGIS, AutoCAD Map etc;

  • Previous experience in Meteor, React, Neo4j ;

  • Experience in Object Oriented analysis, UML class diagram, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, spatial data modelling;

  • Comfortable with math and software algorithms (e.g. AI, optimization, routing, packing, physics, linear algebra, graphics);

  • Excellent communicator in both written and oral form;

  • Extremely diligent and well-organized;

  • Understands good software development practices and with hands-on GIS Data Modelling development experience;

  • BS/MS in design or engineering


Share your personal mission, experiences, your CV, including links to past projects, with a cover letter on why would you like to be at this position us at

Software engineer - Data Modelling

A data engineer with Java programming skills for developing and maintaining products that import and export 2D and 3D spatial data. The ideal candidate is experienced in various 2D and 3D data (such as: CityGML, Collada, IFC, KML/KMZ, Open Street Map, Shapefile) to allow collaboration and integration across different formats and data sources.



  • Has a good understanding of different schemas to enable the design of intermediate

      data models that unify leading geospatial standards, capture characteristics and
      geometric properties of real-world objects, together with their relationships with surrounding

  • Involved with the development of open-source plugin for BimServer that extracts IFC contents to easy-to-read JSON format.

  • Has worked on optimizing conversion between 3D mesh data and geographical polygons to improve performance of conversion and reduce output file size while maintaining sufficient detail.


  • Results-oriented and problem-solving software engineer experienced with 2D and 3D GIS /CAD file formats.

  • Specialized in Java and test-driven development, working with team to achieve project milestones within tight deadlines.

  • Development of data models, schemas and associated components.

  • Alignment of data models with existing standards (especially IFC BIM and CityGML).

  • Development of components to perform efficient access and conversion of data.

Technical Skills:

  • Programming & Web: C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, Meteor, angular,

  • Database: Mongo, SQL JDBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • Software Development: Agile, Scrum, Test-Driven Development

Candidates with no experience and background in 3D geospatial data modelling but
excellent java programming with some data engineering background can be

Share your personal mission, experiences, your CV, including links to past projects, with a cover letter on why would you like to be at this position us at


We are shaping the future and building a community.  We want to hire the right talent, give them a sense of purpose and give them the reason to happily stick around for a long time.

Apart from an attractive basic monthly salary - we offer the following benefits : 

  • Company equity (ESOP)

  • Performance bonus

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Unlimited holidays

  • Medical benefits

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