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Where Sustainable Real Estate Assets find Global Capital  

Create and Curate high performance sustainable assets and digitally Issue fractional ownership tokens and transact in them



Seeing much greater opportunity in transacting sustainable and ESG assets that it helps build, Urbanetic started developing its Digital Assets Tokenization Platform, TokenFab, to be in the business of transacting in performance optimized and digitally fractionalized real estate assets to improve sustainability of the built environments and liquidity of real estate asset - leveraging its parametrically modelled digital twin of cities technology. 

Urbanetic has developed a web based platform to significantly improve construction industry’s productivity, critical resource consumption and boost liquidity of the real estate assets by combining its existing parametrically digitalized 3D city modelling technology with Blockchain-based Smart Contracts and securities systems.  With with TokenFab platform  a real estate developer - will be able to digitally issue fractionalized ownership certificates to raise funds for his high performance sustainable real world asset designed and curated using the platform. And on the other creating access to a wide range of investors interested in assets with impactful ESG and triple bottom-line outcomes.


Combining Urbanetic’s parametrically modelled Digital Twin of cities with Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology and tokenization allows parties to operate on a connected eco-system of cities. Property or asset owners can create sub-classes of their assets (digitization and fractionalization) and programmatically tokenize them based on  their titles, utility or value.


TokenFab operates in private markets and supports digital assets or enterprise tokens, with cross-chain interoperability. It is composed of following components:


Asset Design:

The creation of real world digital assets that are optimised to perform as ESG rated real estate and Built Environment assets - using rigorous data analysis.  SPVs are created to represent the assets.



The creation of representation of rights in a ESG rated real estate asset via digital tokens minted on our proprietary permissioned blockchain protocol. Issuers can streamline management of their digitized assets along the lifecycle.



Making curated digitized assets available on the platform to be accessed by investors.

Issuers can determine the characteristics and visibility of their offering. TokenFab Markets is a web-interface providing investors simple access to deal-flow.



The transfer of rights in an asset in a secure private-chain environment, including ownership title, legal privileges and records. Assets are transferred over the counter between private parties using request- for-quotes ( RFQs ).


Asset Servicing:

Managing the issued asset along its lifecycle, specific to the asset type. Digital workflows enable automation for operational activities such as valuation updates,  performance reporting, investor management or recurring dividend and coupon payments.


Minting and Issuing Tokens in TokenFab


A unique native feature of TokenFab platform is that high performance sustainable assets can be created curated and securely added to the network for issuance, listing, trading and servicing - privately, using a Distributed Ledger with permission based protocol and  in a fully automated and collaborative process across its lifecycle. 


With our own rendering engine, 3D experience can be enhanced to AR/VR/MR

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